Streaming videos on Mathematics at Universidad de los Andes.

Strongly motivated by Rocuts Schweitzer, we started working on filming classes and lectures given by different mathematicians at Universidad de los Andes. The main idea is starting an official channel in Youtube Edu, but unfortunately there are a lot of legal issues and the Department of Mathematics is not allowed to open its own channel until the university closes some negotiations with Google Video [yes, there is a lot of bureaucracy limiting academic innovations in our university].

By now, we started uploading some lectures given by Aquiles Páramo to freshmen students on basic mathematical proofs. In this link you can see some of that videos. Our goal to the future is filming all the seminars and advanced lectures on Mathematics at los Andes and we hope to share that knowledge on the Internet with everyone.


One thought on “Streaming videos on Mathematics at Universidad de los Andes.

  1. A project along those lines has been going on at Universidad Nacional (with the help of UniMedios – those responsible for UN-Radio, UN-Noticias and the newspaper) for some years now. I don’t know well the details (I only know some people stream their lectures between the different campuses [Bogotá, Medellín, etc.] or even hold some joint classes with places abroad). A semester ago, I wanted to do just that (film + stream my Model Theory lectures between Bogotá and Medellín – some students there were interested), but in the last minute I chickened out: too much (technical) hassle: special blackboards and pens, some students projected in Bogotá while I was projected in Medellín, etc. I decided that’s a lot of fun for a one-time lecture, not for a whole semester.

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