My university use to buy some web based platforms pretending to have a decent online support to the classes. I remember using WebCT when I was a freshman and how we slowly moved to Blackboard. Both of these platform was used under the name SICUA.

I really liked them. However, there were some problems. Most of the staff didn’t know how to use these platforms. Many of them was not even interested in learning how to use it. For example, I remember having Algebraic Combinatorics with Federico Ardila and he used his web page as a support for the classes: one of the best courses I have attended at los Andes and we never needed SICUA at all.

I use to wonder myself why does in hell we spend so much money on these software. Recently, I started working in The Grad School and we use Moodle as an open source web support alternative for our classes. I have been messing with Moodle for almost two months and it works like a charm. We have online test, feedbacks for the exams, a \LaTeX compiler and integration with the most common paid platforms [Elluminate, Blackboard, etc.].

I strongly recommend having Moodle in your server: it’s free, it’s nice and it’s open source.


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